Public Transportation

The typical arrival to Koh Mak is by
• Bangkok Airline flight from Bangkok to Trat airport (40 minutes).
• Transfer from Trat airport by minivan buses to the Laem Ngop or
Laem Sok ferry piers
• Speedboat or high speed catamaran service to Koh Mak or by
• Minivan or bus from Bangkok to Laem Ngop or Laem Sok Ferry pier
• Public speedboat or high speed catamaran service to Koh Mak

However, many hotel resorts on Koh Mak operate their own speedboats, by which they pick up guests from one of the ferry piers on the mainland and take them directly to the resort’s own pier for more convenience.

The government is currently in the planning to provide airlift access to the islands of the archipelago, including Koh Mak, by establishing seaplane airports. Two domestic airline operators have expressed interest in servicing the area.
However, for a major Resort project, the following may be the preferred ways of arrival for Guests

private transportation

Resort Speed Boats / Vans

The Resort can operate its own minivans, picking guests up either at Trat airport or Bangkok airport and take them to one of the mainland ferry piers (or have a contract with a mainland minivan operator to take care of such guests).

The Resort can operate its own fleet of speedboats that pick guests up at one of the ferry piers on the mainland and takes guests directly to the resort’s own landing pier. The speedboats may also serve for sightseeing, island hopping, snorkeling tours offered by the resort.

For self-driving guests, the resort may arrange for private resort parking area with parking security service at one of the ferry piers on the mainland (e.g. at Laem Ngop pier), from where guests are picked up with the resort’s own speedboats directly to the resort landing pier.

By Private Airplane

The Land for Sale is large enough and ideally suitable for developing a private airport, similar to the private airport on the neighbouring island of Koh Maisi Lek, operated by the Soneva Kiri Resort.

The airstrip is aligned with the prevailing wind direction, thus allowing for smooth take-offs and landings. Airplanes available for commercial Charter to this type of destination are turboprop Cessna Caravan (10 seater) or similar airplanes. A flight from Don Mueang Airport (Bangkok) will take approx. 1 hour.

By Private superyatch

The large pier in Ao Nid is just 1 km from the property. The pier is public and can be used free of charge (as of now).

The pier is T-shape, 200 m long, at the tip 60 m wide with water depth at low tide that allows landing at the pier even for the largest superyachts in the region.

By Cars and Vans

For tourists, it is generally not possible to bring their own cars onto Koh Mak island.

Property owners and resorts are allowed to bring and operate their own vehicles on the island.

Given the size and shape of the island, it would be possible for the resort to operate local transportation fully with electric vehicles for eco friendly image, supporting the local government’s objectives of green development / low carbon footprint.