location and profile

Koh Mak is located approx. 320 km south of Bangkok, the Koh Chang archipelago, approx. 20 km south of Koh Chang and 25 km from the nearest point on the mainland.

Koh Mak is a cross shaped island at the centre of this beautiful, tropical island world. Due to its location, all other islands in the archipelago and all dive and snorkeling spots can easily be reached from Koh Mak by small boat or personal water craft.

The island itself, due to its shape, has 4 distinct, large bays, all with long sandy beaches. In fact Koh Mak boasts the best coast line to sand beach ratio of all inhabited islands in the archipelago.

The 27 km coast line abounds with beaches which are wide, long and sandy and the waters are crystal clear. There are currently approx. 20 resorts on Koh Mak, catering to Thai tourists, western Back Packers and Families.
Koh Mak is flat compared to its larger sister islands of Koh Chang to the north and Koh Kood to the south. Nevertheless it has low rolling hills and thanks to its cross shape, while traveling the island’s good road system, any time you reach higher grounds you have sea view in one or multiple directions.

The Koh Chang archipelago consists of 57 tropical islands.

Koh Kood to the south has been designated for ultra high end development. The first top rated properties have already started operations, such as the Soneva Kiri (Evason Group). The Soneva Kiri resort operates an airport on the smaller island of Koh Maisi Lek, just off Koh Kood, located just 5 km from Koh Mak.