Electricity is provided by undersea cable from the mainland.

EGAT already provides electricity to the property, the capacity of which can be increased.

However, large developments should consider to install gensets for emergency operation.

There is no centralized water processing on Koh Mak, but water underground is abundant, wells can be drilled to access aquifers under the property.

• Fixed net: main provider TOT is available to service developments with broadband service.
• Mobile: coverage is excellent on the island with 3G and 4G, operated by AIS.

The local government has invested heavily into roads over the past years. The road infrastructure can be described as excellent, also the roads to access the property.
Road traffic is very laid back, which allows all of Koh Mak to serve as one big, perfect bycicle lane.

Local Authorities
The local authorities on Koh Mak are very supportive of
developments on the island.
It is their declared policy trying to attract:
• International resort developers
• Quality tourism
• Eco tourism
• Yachting operators
• Air traffic or other transportation operators