Development Scenario

A Stunning Beachfront Property For Sale In Koh Mak, Thailand


If you are interested in buying property in Thailand, you should definitely explore Koh Mak – one of the most beautiful tropical islands in the country full of white sands and clear blue waters.

The property that we are selling in Koh Mak, Thailand is ideally suited for the development of:

  • Large Luxury Beach Resort with Spa
  • Exclusive Village with Luxury Beach Villas
  • Condominiums
  • Clinic for Detox, Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Private Airstrip for easy access
  • Sports, Leisure and Commercial Facilities

The aerial view on Koh Mak will reassure you that this tropical paradise is a home of:

  • Wide and sandy beaches which stretch to hundreds of meters on both sides
  • 430,000 m2 of land which is subdividable
  • Exclusive privacy
  • Easy access and connections to ferry lines, road transportation and air transportation options
  • Ready for development

Known as one of the top beaches in this region, the Koh Mak island offers gorgeous views to the surrounding islands and a wonderful seafront that is over 1 kilometer long.

The land is located on the north eastern tip of the island, offering spanning views of Koh Kradat, Koh Nok, Koh Nok Nok. The scenic mountainous Koh Chang region is located to the north west, and the hills of the mainland can be seen on the eastern side.

This property features a bay with lush vegetation and sandy beaches, a large sand bank, a small peninsula full of trees and plants and a green fringe of coconut palms stretching along the entire coastline.

The total land area of the Koh Mak property is approx. 270 Rai. Currently,

it is divided as following:

1. Resort Beach Front Plot

20 Rai

32,000 m²

2. Beach Front Plot

90 Rai

144,000 m²

3. Inland Plot

70 Rai

112,000 m²

4. Possible Airfield / Inland Plot

75 Rai

120,000 m²

5. Sea Access Plot

3.25 Rai

5,200 m²

6. Private Streets

11 Rai

17,600 m²

or all together 1-6

270 Rai

430,800 m²

Luxury Beach Resort

  • 150 to 200 keys (room units), including:
    • Pool Villas
    • Family Villas
    • Presidential Villa (with own Spa and Butler service)
    • Mix of Superior, Deluxe, Grand Deluxe, Oceanview, Suite and Junior Suite rooms
  • Generous Gardens & Water Ponds
  • Reception Area
  • Swimming Pools
  • Various Restaurants and Bars
  • Recreation Facilities such as Spa, Gym, Health Center
  • MICE Meeting and Conference Rooms, Business Center
  • Kids Playgrounds,
  • Back of House Facilities, such as staff housing, maintenance, gardening, laundry areas, emergency power generator etc.

Note on Luxury Rating
Generally, it is recommended to focus the resort on a 4+ star level, since this is the most likely to attract a large customer base with reasonable operating cost and good sales rates. However, it is also possible to consider 5 star, or even higher rating considering the attractive location.

luxury village

with 100 – 150 generous Beach Villas, each with swimming pool and generous gardens, water features, etc.

Condominium Buildings
with 150 condo units (or even more) of different sizes.

Sports Facilities
Tennis courts, Golf driving range, Tree climbing park, Basketball court, Football field, …

Commercial Spaces
for Shops of all kinds, such as: fashion & swimwear boutique, watersports & dive shop, beauty salon, souvenirs, food and beverage, tour & travel agents etc.

to airlift customers from Bangkok or other destinations

Health Focus
Integrated Health Center, Clinic for TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), for Detox, for care of Elderly, etc.
Optionally, the entire development could be focused on health care; higher room rates can be achieved, and additional
income from medical services can improve the top and baseline considerably.

development phases

Phase 1

Construction of the Beach Resort Bungalows,
• Restaurant/Bar and Reception
• Spa
• Landing pier for boats
• Airstrip
• Some Staff housing and back of house infrastructure

➔ Start operating as a Bungalow Beach Resort.
Minimum no. of rooms to start operating: 50 keys.

Phase 2

Construction of Hotel Buildings, with
• 120 rooms & suites,
• MICE, etc.
• Some of the Sports/ Recreation Areas
• Health Area

Consider combining Phases 1 and 2 into one single effort.

Phase 3

Sale and Construction of Beach and Pool Villas, either
• Build upfront with standard outfit, or
• Build on demand, off plan.

• The hotel operation will serve as marketing tool for the sale of the villas.
• The Villas can optionally be sold with a Hospitality/ Rental Pool package, e.g. with
guaranteed returns of X% for Y years.

Phase 4

Sale and Construction of
• Condo Buildings,
• Commercial Spaces,
• Construction of further recreation and sports facilities.

• The hotel operation will serve as marketing tool for the sale of the Condo units.
• The Condo Units can optionally be sold with a Hospitality/Rental Pool package, e.g. with
guaranteed returns of X% for Y years.

layout plan

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