activities around

There is plenty to see on Koh Mak with it’s 10,000 palm trees, a Buddhist temple, three fishing villages, a health center, a primary school, over 20 resorts, a few shops and restaurants.

Popular activities include windsurfing, padding, swimming or trying one of the new bicycle tracks around the island. There are also plenty of guided tour boat trips to visit neighboring islands. You can of course chose to relax in a hammock or get a traditional Thai massage.

Restaurants, Hotels
Across the island, many resorts and restaurants of all types and levels can be found, offering a variety of choices to visitors.

Scuba Diving / Snorkeling / Fishing
Currently 2 scuba diving companies are operating on the island. Snorkeling and fishing tours can be booked from many operators and with commercial fishermen.

Sailing, Windsurfing, Motorboat
The seas around Koh Mak are ideally suited to indulge in all sorts of watersports, including sailing, windsurfing, and motorboat.

Bicycle, Walking Tours
The roads and walkways of Koh Mak are very laid back with very little slow road traffic, and thus create a paradise both for bycicle enthusiasts, and for hikers. There are a few hills, offering spectacular views, but the rest of the island is rather plane.

Island Hopping, Exploring
There are quite a few spectacular islands around Koh Mak; some very small, some larger, some with a resort / restaurant on them, some uninhabited. All of them offer an exclusive, clean feeling away from the masses that can be found in other tourist destinations.

Right across from the property is Koh Kradat island. This is a private island with spectacular beaches, but visitors are very welcome. The island is populated by hundreds of deers. The distance from the property to Koh Kradat is just 1km, thus this can be done even by canoe or paddle boat.

Health Care
Apart from 2 public hospitals, numerous clinics and 2 private hospitals on Koh Chang, the Bangkok Trat Hospital on the mainland, Koh Mak has its own island clinic.
Bangkok Hospital Helicopter will be available to airlift patients to Trat, Bangkok or Pattaya in an emergency.