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Welcome to the stunning island of Koh Mak in Thailand – known as one of the most beautiful tropical islands in Thailand full of sandy beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. Now, you can purchase land on this island – all you need to do is follow the button below and contact us for land price offers.

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Ideal for exclusive villages, luxury villas, condominiums, clinics, hotels as well as sports, leisure or commercial facilities, the island of Koh Mak in Thailand stretches on 430,000 m2 of land and is subdividable. It offers exclusive privacy and easy access by ferry as well as road and air connections.

Spanning with views of Koh Kradat, Koh Nok, Koh Nok Nok and the scenic mountainous region of Koh Chang, the island of Koh Mak is in a central location and close to the mainland to the east.

Properties in Koh Mak

Koh Mak is known for its sandy beaches and lush vegetation. It is an island formed out of a black lava rock and is full of coconut palms along its kilometer-wide seafront. This makes up for a lot of Koh Mak properties which are already being developed.

The land plots that we are offering can be further subdivided and even partial sales of the subdivisions can be considered – tailored to your unique commercial or residential needs. Because of the unique density, great location, lush vegetation, crystal blue waters and big potential, the land at the island of Koh Mak is ideally suitable for a luxury beach resort.

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Land for sale

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koh mak


Land for Sale

Wide sandy beach, hundreds of meters long

430,000 m² of land, subdivideable

Exclusive Privacy

Easy access by ferry/road, or by air

Ready for development

Aerial Views

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Land Plots

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Development Scenario

Depending on the desired density and luxury level of the resort development, this land is ideally suitable for development of Luxury Beach Resort and a Luxury Village.

About Koh mak island

Learn more about the Koh Mak Island, called “The Paradise Island”. Know more about its economy, infrastructure, transportation, underwater world and much more.